Cocoly on Durian

Cocoly effect on Durian tree

Durian (Phytophthora)

Cocoly + Horizon on Durian tree affected by Phytophthora

Oil Palm

Cocoly on Oil Palm


Nphos on Jackfruit


Growth comparison of Banana field

After - Panama Diseases have been treated with Horizon

Before - Panama Diseases attacks Banana crops


Cocoly fertilizer function in diseases resistance (Wrinkle leaves)

Cocoly fertilizer enhance the development of root growth

100% Water Soluble - Cocoly nutrients will be locked around the roots with water and totally absorbed by crops


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Happy New Year 2021

Wish you all a happy spring festival and a good year ahead! Happy New Year! Our office will be closed for Chinese New Year¡¯s Eve celebration on 11th February 2021 (Thursday) and will resume business on 15th February 2021 (Monday)

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