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1. Increase efficiency of the herbicide application 2. Better adhesion to the plant surface 3. No pyhtotoxicity effects 4. Rainfastness effect 5. Environmental friendly 6. Suitable for any crops read more
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DEWAN MBKS, SARAWAK 8th LIVESTOCK, AQUACULTURE, AGRICULTURE EXPO (25 - 27 November 2022)      KENINGAU, SABAH PESTA DURIAN & BUAH-BUAHAN 2022 (8 - 10 October 2022   SCCC, SETIA ALAM MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURE TECHNOLOGY 2022 (22 - 24 September 2022)      AGROWORLD MAGAZINE < 374 > (August 2022) MUAR FARM, JOHOR   NONGYEH INTERVIEW IN FARM (August 2022)    SICC, SABAH 12th LIVESTOCK, AQUACULTURE, AGRICULTURE EXPO 2022 (5 - 7 August 2022)      AGROWORLD MAGAZINE < 372 > (JULY 2022) IDCC, SHAH ALAM AG INTERNATIONAL EXPO 2022 (30 - 31 July 2022)     IPOH, PERAK IPOH AGRICULTURE TOUR (23 July 2022)    MITC, MELAKA  9th AGROWORLD EXPO 2022 (10 - 12 June 2022)     MITC, MELAKA  MYANMAR VISIT LOCAL DURIAN FARM (12 June 2022)       EMPIRE SUBANG HOTEL, SUBANG JAYA NONGYEH NATIONALWIDE SEMINAR (14 May 2022)     Cocoly Malaysia visited 20th Shouguang International Vegetable Expo 2019   Cocoly factory in good working environment, orderly production flow, strict quality control and advanced automation equipment. ''The tree of friendship symbolized that our cooperation will take root and develop continuously and we will pursue the new stage together'' said Mr.Sun (April,2019).   New Formula of Cocoly  (Added with Fish Protein & Oligo Saccharide)     * Malaysia and Taiwan Agriculture Exhibition *                              ( 22nd November - 24th November 2019 )              Machap, Johor.                                                                      read more
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Farmland Solutions Sdn Bhd was established in 2006, delivers top quality products such as plant nutrition, plant protection products, hydroponic & fertigation equipment, etc. We have been in the agricultural and plantation industries, delivering high quality product and business solutions in Malaysia for more than 16 years. We take pride in providing sustainable agriculture practices, carefully treating plant nutrient and fertilizer that fulfill the requests of the clients.   We have the ability to execute efficiently and respond quickly to the field conditions to achieve the maximum yield of each harvesting and cropping seasons. All of our efforts are driven by the determination to provide the highest qualtiy of service, to allow our clients to grow the most their field can produce. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed for continuous improvement and betterment in the future  read more
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